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Do you like to play bingo in a bingo hall, in front of the TV on Bingolotto or have you never tried? Perhaps you think bingo belongs to the time and prefer to play poker or slots. No matter what you think, try bingo online. Bingo is highly hot, incredibly exciting and really nervous!

Bingo Bonus

Of course, you will get a bonus before you start playing bingo online. With a deposit bonus, you get more enjoyment of your gambling because your money is longer enough. We at British Cazinon only offer the best bonuses on the best online casinos. Therefore, you can feel confident when selecting these online casinos. We have collected some online casinos where you can play bingo here below. An example is  Unibet .

Here you can play bingo

Unibet 2,000 £ bonus and 100 freespins.

Betsson 5,000 £ bonus and 600 free spins.

Play bingo online

Do you like to play both bingo and casino? Then take a closer look at these gaming companies. Here are some more selected British bingorums that you can take a closer look at.

Betsson bingo

Betsson Bingo


Betsson Bingo Betsson offers bingo rooms with nice graphics and cozy atmosphere with hostesses hanging out in the chat. The graphics are nice and it's easy to get an overview and get started. If you are not really sure how their different variants are, there are good guides on how it works to play bingo. Betsson has no less than four different bingorum. 75-ball room, 90-ball room, 90 bollars plus Turborum and single room. There are not only four to choose from but in each room there are more than 45 bingo games. There are some to choose from with others and no risk of getting bored.


Play bingo at Betsson here!


Unibet bingo

Unibet bingo

At Unibet Bingo you play the classic game in a stylish environment. It's easy to get started with the game because all you need is to transfer money to the Bingo account from your Unibet account. Here it's easy to play multiple pieces while Unibet offers an automation feature that fills your trays for you.


Play bingo at Unibet here!


Paf bingo

Paf bingo

Under the bingo tab, we will find just bingo games. The bingo games are divided into different groups. You can choose from, for example, Bingo variant, Quick Draw bingo, Bingo 90, Bingo with Friends and Nature bingo. You can choose between single and multiplayer games. The difference lies in either playing against the house (Paf) or with other players. There is also a masa bingo contest and something you can do.


Play bingo at Paf here!


How do you play bingo?

Simply explained, it goes as follows. In a bingo hall, there is a caller who says a letter plus a number. To make it clear, the caller says a name that is attached to the letter, the so-called phonetic alphabet. For example, A as in Adam, B as in Bertil, you as in Ivar and J as in Johan. Do you have the letter and number of your bingo stick? When you get a full line then just cry out the magic word - BINGO!

Different types of bingo online

There are, as mentioned, lots of different types of bingo and we will come in a little closer on some examples. We start with the classic variant that most people know. The name itself should be called classic classic bingo.

  • Classic Bingo
    In this classic variant, the bingo bubbles are single blocks and the numbers of ropas are between 1-75. If you get a full line, it means you've got bingo. The row can be diagonal, horizontal or vertical.
  • Single bingo
    Just as the name suggests, you play yourself in this bingo game. This allows you to choose just when you want to start the game and do not have to worry about other players. It is also possible to influence how big the prize will be because you can choose what kind of sum you will play bingo for.
  • Variant Bingo
    This bingo is similar to the classic bingon 75 balls and has a number from 1-75. You will play a whole tray with three different so-called blocks. There are 25 numbers in the same block and you will play in lines 1-5. You must fill the whole block to get bingo, that is, all five lines. There are some different rules to keep track of. It does not matter whether you get bingo vertically, horizontally or diagonally in the first line and it does not matter which of the 3 blocks you fill. But in the other lines it plays a role. From row 2 to 5, you must fill a horizontal row to get bingo.
  • 90-Ball Bingo
    This variant is played on 3 rows. The total win will therefore be divided into 3 winnings. A bingo stick has 9 rows, all of which are vertical. On each row there are 3 squares that are divided into 90 squares. On the first row there is 1-10 followed by 11-20 and then goes on to 90. This bingo variant also has a small special. It's called 90-strip. This tray has 6 single trays that together become a 90 tray.

Unibet 2,000 £ bonus and 100 freespins.

Betsson 5,000 £ bonus and 600 free spins.

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